This is one of the most bigoted and uninformed statements I've ever read. It easily ranks down there with some equally bigoted statements by neo-Nazis and black supremacists (

Your claim implies a homogeneity of "white culture" completely ignorant of the distinct cultural traditions enjoyed by various peoples spread around the globe. Think of the Slavic people migrating out of the northern forests and settling in Russia and the Balkan peninsula. They produced a unique culture that spread to a large area of southern Europe. They managed to keep and improve their culture despite occasional subjugation and enslavement by more powerful neighbors, sometimes by people of color. I think they might find it surprising to hear of their culture lumped in with that of other low-melanin peoples. You appear to believe that all their art and music were created to be weapons of white dominance. I wonder, was this true while they were themselves subjugated and enslaved? Or, only that bit created while they were busy subjugating and enslaving other people?

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